What is the ABI program?

  • ABI is a short, intensive program offered by Complete Game Broadcasting for men and women seeking a career in broadcasting.
  • ABI is Atlanta's oldest broadcast training curriculum! Since 1988, the ABI curriculum has been the source for more than a thousand men and women who knew that they were "meant to be broadcasters" but had no idea how to get started!
  • The ABI curriculum is designed so that you're operating broadcasting equipment from the first day of class!

What will I be doing during the course?

  • ABI has developed a time-tested curriculum which has exposed its students to voiceover/narration; on-camera performance; news writing; commercial copywriting; audio editing/imaging/production; video editing/producing/directing; videography; boardwork; and of course on-air radio performance.

What should I look for in a broadcast curriculum?

  • Three things: First, what kind of demo tape can you expect to leave with? If you want to be on-camera talent, for example, then you want to be confident that the studio backdrop you use looks like a real studio and not a plastered photo of the Atlanta skyline. Second, are there actual opportunities available when you graduate? Make the placement director show you the contacts! (We will!) Third, what is the tuition? ABI has succeeded for 20+ years because the class has been fairly priced!

What methods are there to pay for tuition?

  • We will try to get this handled for you in a way that doesn’t intrude with your real goal – launching a new career in broadcasting. You can pay with cash/check and VISA/MC/Discover.

What will the placement process be like, for those who desire school-led placement?

  • You deserve to leave with the knowledge that “you won’t be forgotten.” The program director, Jeff Batten, will make sure that you know about all job updates for as long as you want to remain in our database. You will receive an e-mail blast each week, after you leave the program. Also, there are lots of potential employers that are not stations, per se. We know where to point you. Finally, you will be able – through a scheduled appointment – to freshen up your demo tape even after you graduate. ABI really does want to be a lifetime resource.

What am I “walking out with?”

  • While you will be proud of the hard work that your ABI diploma represents, it would be naïve to think that a station manager or news director would award you with a job solely based on that. That’s why your “demo tape” is the key to the entire training. The “demo tape” is really what your tuition is buying: a body of work that demonstrates that you can be a productive employee. (By the way, please make sure that you don’t enroll in a program that can’t show you what your demo tape might look like in eight weeks, whether its audio or video.)
  • More importantly, though, while you are learning through the ABI program, you will also be interning for Batten Communications, Inc., the southeast’s largest independent sports producer. As many of my former employees/interns can attest who’ve moved on to station jobs, that’s worth something on the resume. Really, that’s the key to the entire ABI concept.

How do I get started?

Please call me, Jeff Batten at 404 929 0522. You’ll come to our North Atlanta office, which is convenient to 75,85, 285 and 400. You’ll immediately anchor the “demo newscast.” (See an example on the homepage.) We’ll talk about what you want to do, decide if it’s a reasonable goal (replacing Ryan Cameron on V103 or Bert Weiss on Q100 right away is not a reasonable goal!), discuss how we’ll approach it and then get the admissions process underway.