ABI is a short, intensive program offered by Complete Game Broadcasting for men and women seeking a career in broadcasting.

ABI's principal goal is to prepare you for a career in radio and television broadcasting. To do that, you'll need to leave with an Aircheck, Voice Over Reel, and a Demo Reel. And to do that, you'll have to acquire the skills necessary to complete these reels.

So, the key will be repetition.

But, during the 12-hour week, we will:

Course Objective
The intent of the ABI program is to provide instruction in the practical applications, theory, criticism, ethics, policy, and practice of broadcast communications.
Students are prepared for entry-level careers in the broadcast industry, including on-air and behind the scenes. Entry level positions include announcing for radio and television, news and sports casting, audio and video production, freelance voice over commercial acting, sales, copy-writing, studio operations and promotions.

Radio / TV Overview
A presentation of studio terms, methods of propagation, broadcast station organization, channel assignments, legal requirements, logging, programming formats, and a thorough examination of past and present radio / television trends and developments.

Speech / Announcing / Commercial Interpretation
An examination of exercises in diaphragmatic breathing, articulation, enunciation, and other dynamics necessary to convey sincerity, fluency and vitality. The course included the principles of ad-libbing, and the skills required to adapt to various formats. This includes music announcing, promotional public service, news and sports. Students are given ample opportunity for supervised practice in overcoming common problems such as poor articulation, sibilance and non-diaphragmatic breathing.

Audio Production
An applied and practical introduction to fundamentals of audio production techniques, using analog and digital workstations. Students will learn to produce sophisticated studio programming, with an emphasis on development from conception to production and evaluation. Students will learn “Adobe Audition ” an industry standard mixing software.

Broadcast Copy-writing
An intensive study or writing for broadcast; with an emphasis on advertising copy, promotional material, public service announcements, and other types of continuity writing. Exercises focus on style and methods used to convey messages to specific demographic audiences.

Broadcast Journalism
An examination of the concepts and theories of News/Sports reporting, interviewing and anchoring. Practical exercises in writing, editing and performing newscasts, with critiques of delivery by professional news and sports reporters/anchors.

Television / Video Production
ABI provides its students with several sessions of television training. These include on-camera exercises for the latest techniques in Teleprompter work, performance as a VJ, newscaster, reporter, and talk show host. Students will work from wire service copy and self prepared samples. Includes study in the principles of television theatre as a creative and presentational art form, the study of adaptation and scripting, direction and the performance of ensemble projects. Students are required to produce, shoot using digital studio and field cameras, and edit using industry standard non-linear editing software.

Programming and Promotions
Examination of the principles of programming radio stations, and the relations between programming, promotions, public relations and sales.

Special Lectures
Talks by prominent authorities and professionals on specific aspects of radio and television - including broadcast law, FCC requirements, unions, music promotions, motivation, as well as general discussions with guest lecturers about their personal experiences in the media.

Jeff Batten